IT optimization

Your company is constantly changing and adapting to market demands

The one constant in web projects is change. This applies to both hardware and software requirements. That's why it's so important to constantly strive for perfection and improve your product. Building a web application, creating an online store or performing an integration is only the first step. The next ones require constant monitoring of user behavior, observing the market, keeping track of competitors' actions and adapting to the reality of our business.

IT optimization

Our competencies

Process automation

Time is money. Therefore, when planning the implementation or development of an IT product, think about the processes that can be optimised. As part of our cooperation, we will analyze your business in terms of process automation and together we will diagnose those areas that need improvement.

IT Consulting

We know how difficult it is sometimes to solve a business problem that has its origin in an IT project. Therefore, we always try to find the simplest optimal solution. Our business consultants work closely with the client, conducting a needs analysis, thinking visually and proposing out-of-the-box ideas.

Performance audits

The speed and reliability of web applications and online stores are key user requirements. We have the know-how and technological background to analyze your software and hardware from this point of view. The result of our work will be recommendations and comments, optimizing the functioning of your product.

Development strategy

People often have an idea for a business or product, but don't know how to go about it. Rely on us and our years of experience. We know where the IT industry is heading, we know how to capitalize on its strongest points and we are aware of the dangers. Together we will conduct a market analysis and plan a strategy for your product development.

UX/UI audit

Using tools to study user behavior, we will check what can be improved in the information architecture or processes of your IT project. We base our UX / UI audits on comprehensive A / B tests and heatmaps. The result of the analysis is the preparation of a report for you with specific tips for optimizing the product in terms of usability.

SEO audits

High rankings in search results do not depend only on the content we aggregate on our website or store. The way our product is designed from the programming side is also important. We know what it is supposed to look like, we follow the latest trends and information from Google, so we can prepare an effective SEO audit for you at any time.