Redesign the website


In cooperation with XSystem S.A. we have redesigned their website to match the current trends and standards in the archiving and digitising industry.


At that time, our task was to analyse the XSystem S.A. site, to propose a change to the information architecture, and to develop a new CMS in line with customer requirements. The new website was supposed to be modern, representative and emphasising the professionalism and competencies behind the XSystem brand.



Responsive Web Design

One of the most important client’s requirements was to create a service in such a way that it adapted to the resolution of each type of screen: desktop, tablet, mobile devices. For this purpose, we have used the RWD (Responsive Web Design) technology to achieve the intended effect while preserving the same information architecture on all devices.

Graphic project

When preparing the graphics for the XSystem website, the most important things for us were:

  • Demonstrate in a user-friendly way the XSystem's competence in the field of archiving and digitising documents.
  • Order and create a new information architecture.
  • Preparing a dedicated subpage for Accelo, a document management and storage system that is a key customer product.
  • Standardise the offer of printing products and transfer it to a new website.
  • Preparation of a transparent section of investor relations with a tool that downloads stock of the company.

Personalised content management system

The key for the client was to build a website based on a content management system - WordPress. This choice was made due to the flexibility and ease of engine expansion with new components and the popularity of the solution itself. The system itself was prepared in such a way that the customer could edit all the content on the website independently (without IT support).


Using the wordpress Multisite, next to the XSystem website, we have built a twin system - the Print Portal, which provides customers with production solutions for a broadly understood printing industry. Both websites are one application running on the same server and having one database.


Final effect

The XSystem website has a completely different look, tailored to the latest trends and user requirements. Full responsiveness ensures the comfort of viewing it on any screen, while a personalised content management system allows administrators to freely add and edit content.