Mobile PZU

Mobile PZU – Implementation of the mobile site for PZU

Mobile PZU

In cooperation with PZU SA / PZU Życie SA we had the pleasure of realizing the mobile version of the corporate website for the largest insurer in Poland. What distinguishes this project is the ability to independently manage content on the mobile site.

Our main task was to create an independent site from that downloads content from the desktop version and displays them in a responsive web design (RWD). Thanks to the implementation, PZU customers can conveniently use on mobile devices.

Graphic project

Mobile PZU

Together with the Marketing Office of PZU we developed a graphic design for the mobile version. Final appearance was prepared in accordance with the requirements specified in the customer's visual identity. As part of the cooperation, we provided substantive support and consultations on UX / UI applications.


Copying content from the full version of PZU is handled by the programmed robot-scraper. This system handles page templates on and functions according to logic defined by us.

Its tasks include:

  • Analysis of content on
  • Tracking changes on
  • Downloading the content to

In the case of robot, the challenge was to "teach him" to copy the full version of the page. You can see a great variety of content on This applies both to the content itself and to the information architecture.

On the basis of the established with the client, range of sites,scraper filters defined addresses and copies them to the mobile version. The work of the robot does not cover the whole site of, only the mentioned subpages. Due to the continuous development of the mobile page, the number of copied pages continues to grow. Attention is drawn to the fact that the Customer himself can decide which subpages he wants to reflect on mobile devices. This gives it a personalised content management system.


scraped pages so far



Personalised content management system

In the mobile version, the content is managed through the administration panel created in the CSS Admin LTE framework, which we personalised according to the client's needs and workflow..

One of the most important requirements of PZU was to have a mobile version, which content could be independent of the contents of the full version of the site. In order to allow the customer full freedom in this matter, the mobile version of the site has been given a dedicated administration panel which allows:

  • Adding new pages,
  • Editing pages, both visually and in terms of content,
  • Management of news, job offers, PZU facilities base, agents, medical facilities and repair network,
  • Receiving notifications of new content on, which is not yet displayed on mobile version.
Mobile PZU

By using the administration panel, the mobile operator can enter content and make changes, regardless of what is displayed on the full pageview. The administrator has full control over the scraper, i.e. he or she can run it on demand, both for the entire site and for single pages or sections (e.g. products themselves, job offers or affiliations). In addition, our scraper automatically detects new content on and updates the mobile view in the customer-defined cycles.

8 weeks

of development

15 hours

sprint planning

56 hours

of daily standups

72 hours

of revision

The implementation was exemplary, according to the schedule. I am very positively surprised by your professionalism and also the independence of the project. The service works great Thanks also for the quick changes made after implementation.

Chief e-marketing specialist PZU

Final effect

When we took the project we were obligated to stick to the deadline and implementation and also reliability of mechanisms for the accepted assumptions. It was important to allow PZU customers to freely view the insurer's page on smaller screens than the desktop. The goals we have accomplished are: a mobile website, which is an independent entity. It may show 1: 1 content on the adult site and only those that are intended for mobile users only.