PZU Idea Generator

Web application used to generate innovative solutions within the PZU Group

PZU Idea Generator

In October 2017, together with the PZU Innovation Laboratory, we launched a web application, one of the main assumptions of which is to support the creation of innovative solutions in the structures of the largest Insurance Company in Poland. The PZU Idea Generator is a platform for exchanging ideas and insights among PZU Group employees, which allows for collecting and evaluating team members proposals to improve the functioning of the organisation in business areas defined by the client.

PZU goals

By creating the PZU Idea Generator, the client wanted to enable the PZU Group employees to submit their ideas in the framework of competitions supporting the development of the organization in the most important business areas.

At the same time, we wanted to unify the channels that PZU employees had used so far to present their proposals for changes in the company, so that they could use one dedicated tool. This step was aimed at ordering and intensifying the processes of implementing innovations in the company's structures, as well as stronger involvement of its employees in more active means.

After all, who knows best how a business should operate? His employees. Therefore, PZU enables them to actively participate in the development of the PZU Group. Thanks to this approach, the organization gives subjectivity to people working within the company and gives them the possibility of active and real influence on the further development of the company. As a result, it strengthens commitment and better finds the greatest talents among all employees of the Group.

The creation and then implementation of the PZU Idea Generator allows to achieve the above-mentioned goals, set by the client.

PZU Idea Generator application

Users' ideas come first

The most important thing when creating the Ideas Generator was the assumption that these "ideas" should be the essence of the entire application. Therefore, users can submit their suggestions in a very simple and accessible way from the level of almost every subpage of the Idea Generator. At the same time, mechanisms have been implemented to save ideas before publishing them (sketches), as well as adding attachments and validating duplicate applications, which prevents duplication of the same proposals or those that will violate the regulations.

In addition, it was crucial that the tool supported joint initiatives of employees who want to improve the operation of the organization. Therefore, ideas can be submitted individually, but also in groups by indicating co-authors.

The mechanism of organising thematic competitions

The function of competitions organized by the PZU Innovation Laboratory is also of key importance in the Idea Generator. Therefore, the application allows you to create dedicated sections for thematic events that are the driving force of the tool. They define the type of problem that PZU employees later face, proposing their solutions to increase the organisation's productivity and efficiency.

Cooperation with eEngine so far has been successful. The platform helps us develop employee innovation. The portal works flawlessly, and all modifications are implemented efficiently and are preceded by a thorough bilateral analysis, so that the changes fully meet our expectations. I am glad that we can always count on suggestions and proposals for solutions based on eEngine's experience, which help to improve the operation of the Idea Generator.

Marcin Kurczab,

End Result

As part of the assumed schedule and budget, we have implemented a web application, which is currently used by the PZU Group as an aggregator of the best ideas and solutions in the business areas selected by PZU. The implementation of the PZU Ideas Generator at the time specified by the client was possible thanks to a detailed analysis of the project, the involvement of the PZU Innovation Laboratory in the conceptual process of product development and conducting unit tests.