New version of online shop


One of the leading is one of the leading and most recognizable fashion brands in Poland. We are pleased to support Gatta in the development and optimization of the company's e-commerce sales channel.


One of Gatta's most important goals is to constantly monitor customer behaviour and needs, on the basis of which the online shop is subject to periodic modifications and improvements. This applies to the store engine, information architecture, as well as the checkout. In 2017 Gatta focused on elegant styling, simplicity and chic. Our task was to turn these assumptions into a well-functioning online store.



Graphic project

The most important challenge in creating a new was redesigning the shop's visual page in such a way as to keep the elegance and at the same time make the store aesthetics look lighter for the customers.

As a result, we changed the main menu. It is now much simpler and more intuitive, while allowing to add more categories and subcategories than in the previous version.

Striving for simplicity is best seen in the main page design, listing, and product sheet. In order to give full expression to the new direction adopted by, we strengthened the minimalist message with the appropriate font selection and infographics.

A/B tests and heat maps

Based on A / B testing and heatmap results, we tried to maximise the view of the home page, listing and product card to the preferences of Gatta’s clients. Therefore:

  • Home page - instead of single articles, we emphasised the presentation of the product line and promotion in the form of banners
  • Listing - the filter field was placed to the left of this section of the shop, while we enriched it with the parameters most frequently searched by our clients like: grouping colors and fabric thickness or size
  • Product card - taking into account the most popular computer screens in Poland (1366x768 pixels), we made sure that the "To Cart" button appeared to the customer immediately at eye level without having to scroll down. works on a engine that is very SEO friendly, so we could afford to include a product description at the bottom of the page, without the risk of losing position in Google search results.

Support for the marketing division

Recognizing the ever-changing customer preferences, the marketing department has received a refreshed version of FlowTool and a menu configurator, so it can be more effective at presenting online store offer.


FlowTool is a dedicated application that allows marketers to manage their home page layout independently, without the need for IT support. Thanks to this solution, the marketing department can literally place within a few seconds:

  • Information about promotions
  • Special deals
  • Banners for important pages

The operation of the application is intuitive and based on the principle of drag'n'drop. Additionally, it is possible to define a separate banner grid for mobile devices.

Menu configurator

We have also prepared a menu configurator for that allows you to edit the contents of the main menu of the store in a convenient and basically unlimited way.

The menu was built in such a way that the store's service could:

  • Self-manage its structure,
  • Define any fonts and graphics at the main menu level,
  • Build menu structure by creating any layout of subcategories, banners and graphics,

The configurator also allows you to save, copy the menu structure, and even group or filter individual items.


Building the brand

With the new launch of the online store, is taking steps to build and strengthen brand awareness for its customers. This strategy is supported by a landing page that meets two main goals:

  • Educate clients,
  • Promote specific products as part of advertising campaigns.

Additional support for the sale is the placement of stronger pressure in the new release of the store for the newsletter. It is still in the lower section, but this time it takes up more space.


For over 6 months we have been searching for the partner with whom we could co-create the e-commerce division in our company. [...] In the final of the tender there were three companies appeared, each of them having in its own portfolio an impressive burden of experience in work with the clients, both Polish and foreign ones, as well as creative system solutions [...] I should add that this is the team of eEngine which gained trust of representatives of IT, Marketing, Retail and Management divisions. We have been working together for over a year and we implement next modifications of the shop basing on suggestions and proposal of eEngine.

Marcin Kurczab,
Business Intelligence Manager

Final effect

After six months of intensive cooperation with we created quite a new opening of the internet shop. In the latest version we put an emphasis on simplicity and usefulness, the effect being redesigning the most important sub-sites of the shop. Using heatmaps and A/B test we adjust the website to the behavior and requirements of all the time, at the same concentrating on equipping the marketing and sales divisions with proper tools facilitating their work.