Management in Denmark


In the bustling construction industry of Denmark, Chisa emerges as a groundbreaking software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, designed to streamline and enhance project management practices. Developed with the vision of consolidating construction management tasks into one intuitive platform, Chisa stands out for its comprehensive approach to integrating financial management directly into project workflows. This case study is into the collaboration between Chisa and Eengine.
We took on the project in mid-2022 to optimize the platform for scalability and further development, and we have continued to maintain and develop the system ever since.

Product background

Before Chisa, the construction project management landscape in Denmark heavily relied on tools like spreadsheets. This method was inefficient and felt fragmented, creating a significant gap in the market for a dedicated solution that could handle the complexity of construction projects while incorporating a strong financial oversight component. Recognizing this gap, Chisa aimed to fill it by offering a centralized platform with an analogy to what Jira does for IT project management but tailored to the construction industry's unique needs.



The primary challenges faced by Chisa at the beginning of the cooperation included:

System optimization for enhanced scalability

Recognizing the need to cater to its growing user base more effectively, we focused on refining Chisa's underlying infrastructure to optimize performance for an increasing number of users. This initiative was aimed at ensuring the platform's architecture could seamlessly scale, maintaining high levels of performance and reliability even as user demands expanded. Through targeted optimizations, we strived to increase the application's resilience to fluctuations in traffic and user activities, followed by securing a smooth and efficient experience for all users.

Addressing emerging needs with new features

In response to the evolving requirements of the clients, we focused on introducing a suite of new features aimed at bridging the gap in the market. Chisa focused on delivering a more holistic solution, catering to both project and financial management needs unique to the construction industry. The aim was to position the platform as a pioneering solution, adept at facilitating a comprehensive and integrated management experience for construction projects.

Addressing the challenges

We embarked on a journey with Chisa to address these challenges through:

System optimization with enhanced data handling

In recognizing the challenge of managing a vast amount of data integral to construction project management, we undertook efforts to optimize Chisa's platform. This optimization was critical to ensure that the system could accommodate growing user numbers while efficiently processing and analyzing large datasets. The objective was to enhance the platform's capability to generate complex reports without compromising on performance. By focusing on advanced data handling and processing techniques, we ensured that Chisa could provide timely, accurate, and comprehensive insights, crucial for decision-making in the construction industry.

Feature enhancement and development

Introducing new functionalities focused on budgeting, risk management, reporting, and subcontractor communication (dialogues).

Solutions & features implemented

Financial management area

Chisa focused on offering a comprehensive view of financial management into the system, ensuring project managers have real-time access to financial data and developments. Our work involved connecting Chisa with existing financial systems for seamless data importation and facilitating the comparison of actual spending against budgets—this effort aimed to improve financial transparency and control across projects.

Enhancing contract and change order management

Recognizing the importance of managing contracts and change orders accurately, it was crucial to develop functionalities to streamline these processes. The goal was to ensure all contracts and change orders remained within the project budget, reducing financial risks. By refining the system's ability to handle contracts and invoices, the team sought to make budget compliance more manageable for our users.

Centralizing legal documents

There is a centralized system for managing legal documents within Chisa, making it easier for users to access and manage policies, contracts, and other necessary documents. This development was driven by the need to improve the efficiency of managing legal information, ensuring all relevant documents are readily available and secure.

Improving communication and query management

The system centralizes all communications related to projects. This includes tracking technical queries, legal documents, and inspections. The log feature was designed to record detailed information about each process and interaction, aiming to keep project communication clear and accountable.

Tools for issue resolution

Anticipating the potential for disputes, a logging system was implemented to facilitate easy access to all project data. This tool was designed to help preemptively address issues, enabling quick resolution and minimizing the impact on project timelines.


We place great importance on integrating seamlessly with our clients' teams, believing deeply in the power of collaboration. The idea of developing digital products without this level of engagement is unimaginable to us. We operate on a sprint basis, punctuated by routine meetings to ensure steady progress and alignment. Also, we value very much the flexibility and openness of communication. Both sides are always ready to engage in quick calls to discuss new ideas or address emerging challenges. This openness ensures that our collaboration is not just structured but also dynamic and responsive, fostering an atmosphere where everyone feels united in their efforts, working collectively towards shared objectives.

Future directions

Looking ahead, Chisa is committed to continuous evolution and improvement, with plans to:

  • Further UI/UX Optimizations: Enhance user experience through interface improvements, making the platform more intuitive and accessible;
  • New Reporting Features for CFOs: Introduce advanced reporting capabilities tailored to the needs of financial officers, providing deeper insights into project finances;


Chisa has significantly transformed the landscape of construction project management in Denmark, we are happy to play a role in its evolution. Its unique approach to integrating financial management into the project management process sets it apart in the market, fostering strong user loyalty and setting a new standard for construction project management tools.