How to get a job in eEngine Software House

How to get a job in eEngine Software House

If you want to join the eEngine Team, this is a perfect moment because I just open to you our recruitment cards. Why? Because if you draw proper conclusions from this information, you increase your chance for success significantly. And we are looking for people who, first of all, can draw conclusions. Let’s go down to business, because the recruitment process is under way.

There is always some recruitment process under way …with us

We do not employ hundred of people, but constantly we are searching for valuable persons. Even, if we do not conduct official recruitment for a given post, be sure that there is no obstacle for you to meet and talk about possibilities. Especially in the situation in which you are aware that you possess competences suitable in our industry and you know that we could learn something from you.

Maybe we do not inform that we need somebody like you. Maybe we do not even know about it, but if you are able to convince yourself to us, we will probably reach an agreement and we will invite you to our Team.


  • do not wait until you will find some ideal announcement. Be active and contact with us. No matter whether we are officially looking for somebody like you or not. In the latter case, apply as a Superhero,
  • use a channel of communication comfortable for you, e.g. Piotr wrote to me once in a private message on Facebook (he tried hard to find my profile and initiated contact in an interesting way).

You can also use a recruitment form (you will find is in sections JOIN US our website). Also a direct email to the persons responsible for recruitment will be effective:

Do not make us wait for you. Write a message or even call and make an arrangement to meet. We wait for you although we may not realize this.

Recruitment process is extremely expensive

Do you know how much the recruitment of one employee is for the company? Much. At least a few thousand PLN, and very often even a dozen, depending on the post. Therefore it is so much important that you contacting us first make our hearts beat faster and gain support of recruiters long before face to face meeting.

How to do this? You will find a few pieces of advices below, due to which you gain our sympathy from the very beginning.

Show us that you are engaged

Your message has got to have this SOMETHING. Don’t be afraid, we do not require long essays to justify why we should employ you. Convince us only that you did more than just click „Apply”, attached CV and wrote a few simple words like:

Hello, I am interested in job offer in eEngine.
Yours faithfully.

Write why we should talk. What it is that you propose. What made you establish a contact. This is always extremely interesting for us. Maybe you are looking for your place in professional world and for some reasons you think that we would be the place for you. Or maybe there is something interesting for you in how we communicate our philosophy of running IT projects or business to the world. You share our culture of work with your whole heart and you can notice its exceptional nature. Write about this in a few words, and you will have wider guarantee that we will call to you and ask for the meeting. You will find below two very good examples of such a conduct.

In the first one the candidate clearly make affiliations to our culture of work and Star Wars. This is a clear signal that this man spent quite some time on getting to know eEngine and understands that referring in the message to the motives known to us, he will convince us much easier to want to meet him. Pay also attention to one of attachments – „for”. We appreciate such gestures.

In the other case, the candidate makes it clear: why he wants to try himself in our company. What he expects from a target employer and what how he may contribute to our Team. After such an introductory email the decision could have been only one: we call and arrange a meeting.

You must be able to speak proper language, even in an email

There was one more fact speaking for both candidates: they could write their e-mails „in Polish”.

This is an ability which must be possessed by all eEngine employees: from a programmer, to a graphic designer or project manager. In our software house we all communicate with clients, therefore an ability of conveying thoughts in a clear manner connected with language correctness is worth one’s weight in gold. And I do not mean surgical-like operation of punctuation and syntax. However I think that is it unacceptable to make mistakes with basic principles of grammar and spelling.

Get to know us

Before the meeting in the seat of eEngine, learn about us as much as possible. This is simple: we speak very much about how we operate. You will find piles of information in Dev Knight Handbook. It is worth familiarizing with it, even if you do not apply for the programming position.

Follow us in social media. Facebook is our main channel of communication with potential employees. This is it which builds our brand as the employer. It is supported by Instagram and Youtube channel. Thumbs up!

Read necessary our Case Study. This is where you will find information about our implementations. Look for the one which will be interesting for you and mention it at the meeting. Learn what we deal with and what we are proud of. Let us talk about all this during our conversation. Come with your ideas which you would like to introduce in eEngine. We always welcome with open arms those people who want to improve processes in the companies and they have their own opinion. We care about such people most.

Don’t ignore what we love

Especially in resumes making a „copy/paste” impression. This is a clear signal for us that we do not suit each other. A majority of candidates get employed for what they can do. But there comes a moment of leaving, and mainly this is for character features. If you will feel that for some reason we do not suit each other (for example you feel go-carts is something completely childish for you), just let it go. Don’t waste your and our time.

Learn about our principles. Due to them, you will understands the specifics of the Team easier: what unites us and drives for work. You have an impression that you find field of understanding? Your chances are higher and higher.

What is driving you?

Do you know that one of the first things which we do after receiving CV is checking the section “Interests” of the candidate? When we find there: “sport, literature, music”, we are definitely less prone to call to you. And during the conversation itself it is much more difficult to talk about less private things.

Therefore, with the same attention which you pay to sections „Professional experience” or „Skills” concentrate on what gets you excited. Give us a possibility to get to know you closer.

Besides, much more often we employ people who possess and develop their passions. This proves that the candidate does not like be in the place and wants to develop themselves. It can be a promise for us that you will make us do your hobby. We will learn something new from you or we will find an additional channel of understanding.

Ask questions

In the final stage of conversation you will be asked one of the most important recruitment questions: do you want to ask something? Please, do not spoil this. Especially with this kind of question: on what days you order pizza? (this is an actual example). It will also be poor if you say that you have no questions at all and everything is clear for you. Come on, this is not possible. You have some expectations for sure which you would like to ask about. Or certain impressions about us which you want to confirm or deny. Ask about them.

Prepare yourself to this stage of our conversation. Ask Google, if you have nothing on your mind. On the internet you will find a lot of help on this topic and if you use it well, you will make a good impression on us for sure.

Our greatest power are the people who stands behind eEngine

This is not a cliche. This is a fact. After the conversation with you, we will analyse carefully whether you meet our expectations with reference to skills and knowledge. And first of all, whether we would like to work with you. Many times we refused very competent people who for certain (specific) reasons would not suit eEngine.

Our goal is not to employ people for the employment idea itself or „allocation of human resources”. We are not a corporation. We do not dispose of such large budgets for recruitment so as to use such strategies. Therefore, we care about people especially who are on the same wavelength what we are. And they can prove it during the whole process.

Realizing all elements of this post, will be employed? I don’t’ know. For sure, your actions will not be wasted because everything I wrote here is taken into consideration by us during recruitment. The skills are important but they are not the only reason why somebody joins our Team or not.

I hope that this tex was helpful for you and soon we will be able to meet during the recruitment interview. Who knows maybe we even give us five and we will work together.

Good luck!